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Computer Repairs

PC Repair

Computer Repair/Upgrade
Is your computer or laptop doing unexplained things, need help setting up your home wireless system, network or PC? If this sounds alot like your situation then our friendly technicians are only a phone call away. Bajan Best Buy offers convenient on site pickup of computers for repairs and upgrades, along with network and wireless set-ups enabling you to access the internet not only from your desktop but any wireless enabled device.

Our technicians can assist you with your computer repairs, below is an example of some common PC issues, they can help you with:

*Slow PC

*Virus or Spyware

*Internet connection issues

*Blue Screen and other error messages.


We offer also a range of Services, including:

*Wireless Network Setup

*New PC Setup

*Installation of and upgrading of Memory, Hard drives and more.

Our technicians are only a phone call away. Rates Start from as low as $45 BDS. Please feel free to contact us for more information.