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Software Development

Our software development team are highly trained and talented individuals. They are capable of developing software to cater to your specific software need.

We have developed several programs, many of which has been donated to the Barbados Meteorological Service. 

To name a few of these projects: SatPix , RadarPro , BMS WeatherApp , and the BMS Data Extruder.

The Satpix Application is the application responsible for colour enhancement of current Satellite imagery as seen on local Television in Barbados. This Pixel gobbler component of the application decodes each image by pixels to and reassemble each image with a new color for each pixel.

The Radar Pro Application checks the radar server for new radar imagery to upload the the BMS website. It was nicked named "Sleepy App"  mainly because the built in artificial intelligence makes it so fast at what it does, it spends most of its time sleeping.

The Barbados Meteorological Services Website is currently been powered by 3 Independent applications.

To view the BMS applications at work you can visit

Current Projects:

Underground work for Bajan Best Buy Version 3.0 website

BMS DataEntry Application

BMS WeatherApp { new Release }

Future Projects

Rainfall cloud Estimator